Be ready for prime
time. No pants needed.

Interview Simulator generates a personalized, job-tailored simulation to help you get ready for the interview round.

Practice with over 3000 questions

Improve your chances in getting hired by practicing and answers to help you nail your next job opportunity.
Realistic interview experience

Take the interview practice and walk in with an idea about what to expect in a real interview setting.

Boost confidence, Win more interviews

Nothing beats practice! Reduce stress and anxiety related to interviewing through the practice questions.

Get feedback from friends, and professionals

Analyze your interview performance and learn from your mistakes through our added feedback feature.

How it works

Here's how to improve your chances in getting hired

Select or paste the offer you are applying for.


We generate a personalized interview based on your profile and the job offer.

Generating personalized interview...


You take the interview, then you can share it for feedback.

Lights on!

Practice getting ready for spotlight

Frequently asked questions

If your question remains unanswered, get in touch and someone from the team will get back to you.

Can I do the interview practice in other languages?

Yes, you can. You have another language option other than English: French

How many interview practices can I do?

You can only try three interview practices at a time. However, if you have reached your limit and then want to try a new practice, you can do so in the dashboard area by deleting a previous version.

Why is it so important to do mock interviews?

Simply to have an idea of the types of questions that can be asked during a job interview and to be well prepared. As a reminder, the job interview is a key step in the recruitment process because the employer will make his decision based on the feeling he had during the interview. Interview Simulator allows you to be confronted with real questions asked in job interviews.

Who will be giving feedback on my interview practice?

The practice is meant for you mainly to assess your performance. You can also get feedback from people you want to share your interview practice with, or request professional feedback from our coaches who will give you detailed feedback on your interview practice.

How can I improve and be better prepared for a job interview?

It's with practice. You can do several simulations. You can ask for feedback from your family/friends/experts on your simulation by sharing the saved interview with them.

How are the questions asked in the interview generated?

Interview Simulator has more than 3000 questions. The questions are selected by an intelligent algorithm based on your profile and the position to be filled. The questions are therefore personalized in order to put you in conditions close to the real situation. You can setup the interview as you wish: duration, language (FR/EN), type (HR or Technical), mode (practice or real conditions), etc.