Our story

How it all started

By exchanging with youth, we realized what their needs were: job seekers are struggling to find opportunities that match their skills and style.

They spend hours on job sites and networking events, sending out cover letters and resumes, only to get no response.

That's why we created WeRebase, a platform that not only connects companies with top talent but also provides many services allowing them to grow.

By leveraging technology, we match the skills and experience of talent with the opportunities of companies so those people can work, even remotely.

Our platform is changing how businesses are built by providing a marketplace where companies can find the best talent, regardless of geographic location.

It's a game changer for companies and individuals looking to build great companies together.

Whether you're looking for a new job or trying to find where your true passion lies, we think you'll love what we have to offer!

Our vision

Where we see this going

Bring growth opportunities to youth in a way that is efficient to help them succeed in the job application process, as well as provide value to applicants who would not otherwise be considered by an employer.

Our mission

Why we're doing this

We believe in creating a platform that gives talent a way to discover their job match, improve their skills, and land their dream jobs.

A platform that enables the global human capital market to scale.