your CV for the job. No tailor needed.

CV Optimizer helps you write a CV that passes the 6 seconds filter by providing you with personalized recommendations and having best-practices baked-in.

Creating a CV shouldn't be a chore

We optimize your CV so it fits exactly the job offer you are applying for, while taking into account your skills, experience and interests.
Stand out from the crowd with your CV

We work with you to make sure that your CV is highly readable and visually appealing, so that it is easy to scan and read.

Personalize your CV to impress recruiters

Create a customized CV that shows you have the skills for the job, as well as proof of your experience and achievements.

Job-tailor your CV

Increase your chances to get the new job you are applying for by identifying skills you need to improve and learn how to highlight your achievements on your resume.

How it works

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Select one of the many job offers you want to apply for.


Get a report on how your CV fares and recommendations to improve it.


Apply these recommendations to get a higher matching rate.

Frequently asked questions

If your question remains unanswered, get in touch and someone from the team will get back to you.

Can I share my optimized CV elsewhere?

Yes! Your completed and optimized CV can be shared through your profile, QR code or it can be emailed. You can also post it on your website or social media accounts.

Is it possible to manage multiple versions of a resume?

Yes, CV Optimizer allows you to store multiple versions without any limit. You can thus have a variant of CV for each job offer to which you have applied. You will have for each version the visibility on the date of creation, the language used, for which offer was made, etc.

Why customize a CV for each job offer?

To highlight the key elements required and to use the same terminology as on the job. Note that the employer spends an average of 6 seconds looking at a CV during the first screening. The objective is to allow the employer to see more clearly and thereby pass your application during this first filtering. CV Optimizer guides you to achieve this goal by offering recommendations to increase the matching rate.

How to optimize a CV?

Simply specify the job offer you wish to apply for and CV Optimizer will indicate the matching rate and suggest adjustments and recommendations to improve this rate. Once you have made these adjustments, the system calculates the matching rate again. The higher this rate is, the greater your chances are that your application will be selected.