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WeRebase connects startups with upcoming talent in Development, Marketing and Design.

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Talent is not only hard to come by but also very expensive, especially developers. And it's even harder for early-stage startups due to the tight budget. On our ever-growing network, you’ll find talent in the fields of development, design, marketing, customer experience, accounting and more.

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Having a candidate’s CV is good, but seeing their portfolio is even better. The portfolio on WeRebase allows you to see the candidate’s work transparently. If it’s a coding project, you’ll see the source code. If it’s a design project, you’ll see the source files. If it’s a marketing project, you’ll see their contribution. That way you can have a clearer idea of who they are.

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You can remotely hire the candidate you want by signing a service contract with us. The contract ensures that the candidate will be working 100% for your startup wherein we will be handling both the legal and administrative aspects of hiring. We do that for a monthly fee of 199€ / month.

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Case study #1

A startup created 6 months ago with limited funds needed to quickly recruit a React developer. By using WeReBase, they were able to find a talented and motivated candidate without wasting time. They opted for remote recruitment, without administrative overhead, and were able to execute on their launch successfully.

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