The talent gap in the digital sector

Mar. 2022

Are you a business owner in the digital sector? Looking to grow your company and find new talent?

You might want to consider looking across the ocean.

The digital sector is booming and there is a shortage of talent within it in Europe, while Africa has lots of young people with potential who are looking for opportunities to pursue their dreams but lacking the resources in order to do so. The digital talent gap is more than a problem, it's a structural one. As we become more and more dependent on our digital tools and infrastructure, the need for individuals skilled in technology grows exponentially. This gap is causing businesses to lag behind, as they are unable to make use of the latest tools and practices that could help them succeed. Experts are projecting that the gap will only get wider.

By connecting both sides, we can empower young people with opportunities for employment and business owners with resources for growth.

In fact, Africa has a big youth population, and many of them are looking for opportunities to work in the digital sector. However, there are not enough opportunities for them: Only 17% of African youth have access to a job in the tech industry.  On the other hand, there is a lack of talent in Europe when it comes to digital skills.

According to the European Commission, there are 900,000 unfilled jobs in the ICT sector. This means that if Europe is not able to find enough talent in their own country, they will have to look somewhere else to fill these positions.

Africa offers great opportunities for European companies, but they often struggle with access to local talent pools and lack of knowledge about the continent's markets and business culture. By connecting untapped talent in Africa with Europe's growing demand for digital skills, we can help European businesses bridge the gap between their need for skilled workers and Africa's underutilized human capital.

This can ideally be done by recruiting people remotely.

Digital businesses based abroad have a great opportunity to make their business sustainable by hiring employees remotely, so they can live and work in their own communities instead of having to move to a city. This way, salaries are spent locally, helping the local economy develop. This is key for economic development in African countries. 

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