Strengthening Digital Skills to Meet the Demands of the Digital World

Oct. 2022

The digital world has changed how we live, communicate, and how we work. 

We are exchanging information and communicating more easily than ever before and it's more important than ever to develop your digital skills and prepare for the future.

You need to strengthen your digital capacities and skills to meet the demands of this new digital world. 

What are digital skills?

Digital skills, which range from basic internet research and emailing to advanced programming and development, are widely defined as the abilities required to "use digital devices, communication apps, and networks to obtain and manage information."

Digital skills are not just about being able to use digital technologies. They are about understanding the world we live in today and being able to participate in it. 

Fundamentally, these abilities support problem-solving in a world in which individuals may work from anywhere, collaborate, create, and share digital content.

How do I learn digital skills?

Identify which digital skills you want to learn

Determine which digital abilities you need to acquire before you start to learn them.

To do this, consider what jobs or projects you wish to be able to complete. 

For instance, you'll need to learn HTML and CSS if you want to build a website. You must learn how to utilize Excel or another software if you want to be capable of analyzing and evaluating data.

You can start looking for tools to help you acquire the skills you need once you've determined what they are.

Research the best resources to learn those skills

Now that you know exactly what skills you need to advance in your career, seek the best resources to learn them. 

Training courses & workshops can be extremely helpful. Blogs and books are great if you’re seeking a self-paced rhythm.

You can even find free online resources that can offer you a comprehensive learning experience.

Find a mentor or group of people who are already experts in the skill you're trying to learn

Digital is no longer just about technology, it's about people too.

We learn more effectively when we are given challenging goals and supported by peer learning. 

Working with a mentor or a group will keep you motivated to achieve more.

Get feedback and improve your skills

Effective feedback is valuable as it will inform you on your progress and give you clear guidance. It’s a good way to help you learn and grow. 

How can digital skills help my career?

If you want to succeed in your career, it's essential that you develop key digital abilities.

There’s a demand for professionals who can use digital technologies effectively: not just those with technical know-how but also those who understand how technology works as a tool for creating knowledge, sharing information and increasing access to resources.

Professionals are expected to have strong digital capacities and skills.

In fact, it is no longer enough to be good at your job. You must be able to communicate effectively while working remotely or on the go.

A solid understanding of technology is essential for any job, no matter what industry or field you're working in

You can never be over prepared when it comes to new technologies or trends that could impact your career path.