Questions to ask yourself before applying to any job

Apr. 2022

So, you’re ready to start applying to jobs. You have your resume and cover letter set. Your LinkedIn profile looks nice. Now you need to decide: Is this job right for me?

Here are three questions to ask yourself before applying:

1. Do I meet the requirements? Am I over or under qualified for the position?

Take a look at the qualifications needed for a job and make sure you meet them. This can include things like education levels and certifications.

If it does not say in the job posting, make sure to ask.

If you get further down the list and come across prerequisites that aren't compatible with your abilities, jot them down. Consider whether you could demonstrate potential for these in an interview.

Do you have any work experience to demonstrate to the interviewer that you are capable of performing the job? Would you be able to give them examples of times when you overcame a real challenge in a previous position?

You may be overqualified if you find yourself meeting 100 percent of the job requirements.

Hiring managers may be hesitant to hire overqualified people for full-time positions, fearing that the applicant may rapidly become bored and leave.

2. What do I know about the company's culture?

Make sure you do your research before applying to a company or going on an interview. There are many different aspects of a company that you can cover in order to make sure the company is right for you and that you feel comfortable working for them. One aspect that is often forgotten about is company culture.

But how do I know about the company's culture?

A company’s website is a great place to learn about its culture. Pay special attention to the mission statement, blog, and career opportunities sections.

The mission statement will reveal the beliefs and priorities of the organization. You can also go one step further and ask a current employee for an informational interview.

Informational interviews are 15- to 30-minute conversations that allow you to learn more about an organization and its culture.

Company culture can really play a big role in whether or not a position is suitable for you.

3. Does this position offer training or advancement opportunities that match my career goals?

The ability to advance and grow professionally should be your foremost consideration when applying for a new job.

But if you don't have any specific job goals, or you're in a large organization where advancement opportunities are limited, that shouldn't stop you from applying.

You can still do well by showing that you're interested in the company's mission and values.