Millennials in the workplace

Oct. 2021

Let’s talk about the generation that represents 51% of the global workforce, the one everyone is so fascinated about, the first global generation: The millennials.

Millennials were born between 1981 and 1994/6, have experienced global economic crisis, and grew up to an extensive use of technology that marked almost all aspects of their lives.

Since the beginning of their working life, millennials all across the world have experienced substantial economic instability. Following the Great Recession, many young people faced significant levels of unemployment, which was followed ten years later by another one due to the COVID19 pandemic.

They are distinctive, and their work attitudes and expectations are exceptional as well.

That’s why attracting the best of these millennial workers is critical to the future of your business.

What do you need to know about Millennials in the workplace?

Millennials embrace big ideas and actions that reflect their needs

Millennials just don’t get rigid corporate structures. Hierarchy status quo? Also, not for them.

They place more emphasis on innovation and creativity and loathe the traditional restrictions of doing things “how they used to be done”. They’ll always find better ways to challenge those restraints and outdated working styles as they believe in their individual power to drive change. They are independent, always on the lookout for meaning.

So what do they want? A management style and corporate culture that meet their needs: a varied and interesting career, rapid progression, and constant feedback.

Millennials tend to value development and flexible working opportunities over financial benefits.

Millennials feel that remote work creates a better work/ life balance

85% of millennials want to work remotely full-time. Working from home, in a co-working space, a café... anywhere but the cube shaped norm is more appealing. Millennial culture is all about being connected and maintaining independence. It encourages their creativity, and adds more time to their workday, or their personal time.

With technology embracing every significant aspect of millennials' lives, it's no wonder that many of them prefer to connect at work electronically rather than face-to-face or even by phone. Their Intuitive knowledge of technology and passion for learning keeps them up-to-date and engaged with everything, anytime and anywhere.

On another note, in an increasingly globalized world, this generation considers international experience as a critical component of a successful career. Millennials have a significant desire to work abroad or would like to do so at some point in their careers. They want to be part of something different, with 71% hoping and intending to do so at some point throughout their careers. This is especially exciting for many businesses trying to expand globally.

How to be successful in attracting talented millennials?

As an employer, you need to understand this generation and help them grow. They expect a culture and management style that aligns with their values. So, the approach to recruitment and retention needs to be based on an understanding of their personal and professional goals.

1. Provide career development opportunities

Set clear objectives to give them a sense that they are moving towards something and learning from it. Millennials love challenges, and seeing the impact they generate.

2. Get social

Provide a set of tools that allow them to connect, and collaborate with colleagues in a timely manner. They want to be engaged in all aspects.

3. Value and support diversity

Make sure the environment is inclusive and that all ideas are accepted and valued.

4. Offer flexibility

Be willing to adapt to change and revise workplace models